A.M.I. 0-3 Orientation Certificate


February - March 2023



 A.M.I. 0-3 Trainer - Julia Hilson  


February @ 6.00-9.00p.m. weekdays, 9.30 -12.30p.m. on Saturdays

Monday 13th ,Wednesday 15th, Saturday 18th, Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd, Saturday 25th & Monday 27th 


                                             March@ 6.00-9.00p.m. weekdays, 9.30 -12.30p.m. on Saturday

 Wednesday 1st, Monday 6thMonday 13th , Wednesday 15th & Saturday 18th  


                                               36 hours online plus approxiamtely 24 hours of independent study

                                     Plus 9 hours of observation tasks.

 Who is the Course for?

  •   Anyone with an interest in human development relating to the first three years of life.
  •  The course is an essential aid for kaiako, centre owners, administrators and professionals working with   tamariki under three years.
  • The course also offers invaluable insights for parents, whānau and kaiako regarding development from birth   to three years.


AMI 0-3 Director of Training - Julia Hilson

Julia Hilson is an AMI-accredited Director of Training for the Assistants to Infancy (0-3). 

She completed her AMI Children’s House (3-6) Diploma in Hampstead 35 years ago! In the years following, she has established Centres and ran classes in the UK and Australia. She also completed her AMI (6-12) Diploma in Bergamo, her AMI (0-3) Diploma on the Gold Coast (Australia) – as well as attending the inaugural Educateurs sans Frontieres gathering at Citta De Castella in 1999. She holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood and a Masters Degree in Education and holds Teacher Registration credentials in Australia. 

As an AMI 0-3 Director of Training, Julia has completed Diploma Courses in Australia, UK, Japan, India and South Africa. She has also completed Assistants Courses in Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa, The Gambia and Nigeria. In between Training Julia works as a Consultant in the Torres Strait Islands, Aboriginal Communities and Long Day Care settings in Australia. 


View and download the course brochure here. Complete the online booking form here. Ensure to register before 8th January to secure the early bird registration.


A.M.I. 3-6 Orientation Certificate


8th - 31st May 2023

ONLINE Format 


  A.M.I. 3-6 Trainer - Carol Potts 


 ONLINE: Monday 8th, Wednesday 10th May 5.45p.m. - 9.00p.m. & Saturday 13th May 9.00a.m. -12.15p.m.

              Monday 15th, Wednesday 17th May - 5.45p.m. - 9.00p.m. & Saturday 20th May 9.00a.m -12.15p.m.

Monday 22nd & Wednesday 24th May - 5.45p.m - 9.00p.m. 

Monday 29th & Wednesday 31st May - 5.45p.m. - 9.00p.m.

30 hours online delivery plus 30 hours of independent study. 

Plus 9 hours of observations of tamariki aged 2.5. to 6 years.


The Association Montessori Internationale 3-6 Orientation Certificate Course is designed to give an overview of the 3-6 tamaiti/child. It offers a clear understanding of the Montessori principles and philosophy with particular emphasis given to the development of tamariki/children from three to six years. During this course you will discover how the Montessori principles and practice can help tamariki reach their full potential.


Who is the Course for? 

  • This course is suitable for any adult seeking a further understanding of the Montessori approach to tamaiti development. 
  • Anyone considering a career following Montessori principles..
  • ECE trained kaiako/teachers in a Montessori setting.
  • Parents, whānau, nannies, carers and professionals working with young tamariki.

 Further, the course may provide essential information for Montessori centre owners and administrators. 


AMI 3-6 Director of Training - Carol Potts

Carol is an AMI 3-6 Trainer. She is a trustee of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation, the affiliated AMI training centre in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She is an AMI examiner, consultant and mentor and has offered workshops and training in Australia, Japan & China.

When not training Carol delights in offering mentoring support to kaiārahi/guides in 2.5. - 6 environments. These current experiences with tamariki and their whānau validates the profundity and the benefits of supporting development, the Montessori way. Carol is one of the AMI training faculty in Shenzhen, China. She is the Director of Training for the next 3-6 Diploma, N.Z. starting in April 2023.   


Registration Details  

Download the course registration form here. Register online here. Ensure to register before April 21st, 2023 to be eligible for the early bird registration. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the MMEF courses in 2023!