What our students have said:

“ I am so grateful to have been accepted into this course. It was hard work but worth it. I feel I have a much greater depth of understanding from doing this course than I could have gained elsewhere. It is brilliant!”


“What an honour and a pleasure to train with MMEF! This course was a challenge but full of inspiration – I feel now that I can truly do my job as Directress!”

“In this course I learnt not only about the Montessori method, but also how to be self-disciplined, confident and faithful to myself. This course was the most inspiring and challenging thing I have ever done in my life. I am proud to be part of MMEF and the AMI community”.

MMEF Alumni

All graduates of MMEF become members of the MMEF AMI Alumni. The Alumni has been established for former students to stay in touch with each other. Additionally MMEF invite all AMI Diploma holders in Aotearoa, New Zealand to join the Alumni as an avenue of communication for AMI teachers in New Zealand.

Contact mmef.alumni@gmail.com to inquire about becoming a member.