Admissions Criteria

The following general entry criteria will apply to all applicants.

Intending students must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age prior to the commencement of their training course
  • Successful completion of a Level 6 Diploma qualification or equivalent from a recognised Tertiary Institution
  • Sign-off evidence of having observed a Montessori classroom session in action
  • Successful completion of a police vetting check

NOTE: Special admission status may, in some circumstances, be granted to a limited number of applicants who do not have formal academic qualifications but who wish to be admitted on the basis of their relevant life/work experience.

International tertiary learners applying for MMEF programmes must also meet the following criteria:

  • Produce evidence of having met the English language entry requirements of 7.0 Academic overall band score in IELTS or another recognised English language test where English is not the applicant’s first language.
  • Obtain the necessary immigration documentation e.g., applicable visa and recommended medical and travel insurance before commencement of the programme. Evidence of these must be cited by MMEF once the learner has the necessary documentation. This must be no later than the commencement of the course. 

Please see the Course Brochure for further information.

Enrolment Process

The Enrolment Process is as follows:

  • Submission of an application form with accompanying information*
  • Pre-application observation in a Montessori classroom
  • An interview by one of the MMEF faculty, this may be by phone for International students
  • Notification in writing regarding course acceptance
  • The signing of an Enrolment Agreement & MMEF Student Contract letter and payment of an enrolment fee of $500 + G.S.T.

There will be two options for payment of Course Fees – please see the Course brochure for details.

$65 annual membership to AMI.

* The MMEF information pack is now available as a download here.

Graduation Requirements

The Early Childhood (3-6years) Diploma of the Association Montessori Internationale is granted upon the successful completion of the course requirements.

Taken into consideration are: regular attendance (minimum 90%) at lectures, observations, practical sessions with the materials, and practice teaching; submission of albums containing illustrated notes of didactic materials, preparation of specified classroom materials, written papers and practice teaching and observation reports. Passes must be achieved on written theory and practical examinations. In addition students must pass an oral examination conducted by a Board of Examiners from the Association Montessori Internationale.

All AMI Diplomas state only that the holder “has studied the principles and practice of the Montessori method for children” for the specified age group and has “passed the written and oral examinations.” The diploma by itself does not automatically qualify the holder to teach. The state in which the graduate wishes to work will likely have other teaching requirements which must be fulfilled.