The next AMI 3-6 Diploma will commence

in April 2023.

  We're delighted to announce the new start date for the next AMI 3-6 Diploma - April 3rd 2023. Please see the course dates here.


Interviews are underway - download the information pack here!



Course Overview


The AMI 3-6 Diploma includes a comprehensive study of the Montessori Method and child development including: 

·   The Montessori Philosophy and Psychology of Early Childhood Education

·   The Child’s Acquisition of Fundamental Learning Skills

·   The Development and Education of the Senses

·   Language Development                                                                        

·   Mathematics

·   Montessori Materials and their Role in Assisting Child Development

·   The Critical Role of Observation in the Development of Children

·   Montessori Professional Experience

·   Theories of Child Development

·   Research Links between Montessori pedagogy and Current Themes in Early Childhood Education

·   Montessori in Aotearoa, New Zealand


"The Montessori Method is a system of Education born from the observation of the needs of the children at every stage of their physical and psychological development. Its objective is to help the children with the enormous task of inner construction necessary to pass from childhood to full adulthood."


                                                                                                        Mario M. Montessori, Jr., Education for Human Development